AgVenture, Inc. welcomes new employees and interns to intensive training

KENTLAND, IN (May 28, 2014) – AgVenture, Inc. last week held the first of a series of intensive training workshops for seventeen new employees and interns who are working with Regional Seed Companies across the country. The group, comprised of young aspiring agriculture professionals from more than a dozen academic institutions nationwide, collaborated in interactive educational sessions to further hone their customer relationship and agronomic skills.

AgVenture Recruitment and Training Lead, Nevada Weitl said, “We are very pleased to have such a large class of sharp, dedicated young professionals in our AgVenture training program. Our commitment to our customers and to their profitability is first and foremost. Working together with these future leaders, we appreciate the chance to improve their agronomy skills and help them learn more about how AgVenture approaches each customer, each field, and each farm with dedicated commitment.”

The two-day training session was opened by AgVenture, Inc. General Manager, Dave Treinen, Vice President, Jim Groepper and Business Development Manager, Chuck Schneider. Weitl said, “With our leadership present, participants learned the core tenets of AgVenture’s philosophy and mission. Each presenter shared inspiring comments about how these individuals have an important role in advancing the future of agriculture.”

“Communication is critical to providing useful support to customers,” said Weitl. “Through several activities and challenges, we provided our trainees with exercises to help them sharpen their communication skills. We want to help prepare them to listen well, ask the right questions, and keenly observe situations. Polishing these communication skills and building their confidence will allow them to become more effective in working with farmers.”

Day two involved an intensive agronomy basics program from Jerry Hartsock of Cutting Edge Consulting and Research, Geneseo, Illinois. Hartsock said, “It was a great opportunity to focus on the basics with these individuals. We covered our AgVenture-specific agronomic tools and techniques, helped them learn the reasons behind these concepts, and why they are important to the grower. In the field, we had hands-on education and some outstanding interactions.”

Weitl concluded, “Our goal this summer is to help build a strong communication and agronomy skills, helping each individual to become successful in their career path. Given their enthusiasm and capabilities, the future of AgVenture and agriculture is bright.”