Trait Talk

From AgVenture's Seeds for Success Agronomy Update, May 2014

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

“I received a letter from my co-op that stated you must tell them in advance if you have grain containing “X” trait that might need to be marketed to approved locations. Does AgVenture sell this trait and how can I tell?”

Jeanne Storey, AgVenture Product & Technology Business Manager explains, “Since certain GMO products have been prominent in the news recently, this is a question on many growers’ minds. AgVenture works closely with key trait providers, and for grain marketing questions, we use the resources provided by those trait developers. Since this information is fluid and can change quickly, we like growers to call or check those sites specific to the traits in question. As an example, information can be found on our Agrisure® trait based products by calling 1-800-319-1360 or by accessing online information at and We always welcome our customers to contact their AgVenture Regional Seed Company or AgVenture, Inc. to verify specific traits we market. If a question should ever arise on grain channeling the AgVenture team will assist growers in any way they can.” Have a product trait question? Send an email to Jeanne Storey at: Agrisure® is a registered trademark of Syngenta Group Company.