AgVenture Nebraska's Jennah Henninger Supports Customers, Extends Reach

KENTLAND, INDIANA (April 25, 2014) — Success in the field has resulted in further growth for AgVenture of Nebraska (AVN). The independently owned and operated regional seed company, based at Minden, NE has welcomed a new hire, Jennah (Raffaeli) Henninger, to serve customers as AVN Account Specialist.
AVN Partner, Ryan Gannon said, “It is exciting and rewarding to see this company grow. The success is a direct result of the combination of our products and our committed support to each customer throughout the year. It is an approach that is proving itself in profitability for our customers in Nebraska, north central Kansas and in eastern Colorado.

Henninger’s new role will involve direct support services to customers. Gannon said, “We want to assure that each customer has the dedicated support they need. Jennah has extensive, practical experience and knowledge of what it takes to manage proficiently in farming. She knows the region and the producers, the production practices and what it takes to get things done well. We’re very pleased to have her working with our customers.”

Henninger, a Colorado native, has a wealth of experience as an ag business owner and operator. She has spent the past several years as owner, operator, sales manager and operations management of irrigation and grain management systems. She said, “AVN is a remarkable group of people dedicated to working with their customers to improve their profitability. I am so pleased to work with them. Their passion for their customers is true and the results prove their success in delivering to each customer. I look forward to amplifying that unique AVN customer relationship.”

She added, “This company stands behind their customers and is directly accountable to make sure it happens. Each AVN employee is involved, hard-working, and committed to their customers’ success. That is something very worthwhile and rare in today’s business environment. I am very proud to work equally hard for each of our customers.”

Gannon concluded, “Jennah truly understands the nature of our large farms and what it takes to manage them effectively. She knows the business right down to the finest details. Our customers need efficiency. Jennah will help deliver at the highest level, making our products and our AYS support work harder for every customer.”
Henninger has two sons. She and her husband live at Grand Island and farm nearby.

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