Commitment to Customers Spurs Growth for AgVenture of Nebraska

KENTLAND, INDIANA (April 3, 2014) — AgVenture of Nebraska continues to grow. The independently owned and operated regional seed company has recently completed significant expansions. Additions and improvements include expanded warehouse space and new, state of the art equipment. AVN has also fortified their personnel, adding AgVenture Yield Specialist seed professionals, and new office and warehouse staff. Together, those factors have allowed AVN to reach more customers across the state and beyond.

AVN Seeds, LLC. Partner Dennis Kenyon said, “Many things have to align for positive, sustained growth in a business. For AVN, it starts with our commitment to our customers. That is the driving force behind our growth.” Kenyon added, “We are expanding in personnel, facilities and equipment to assure that our customers have what they need to grow their business profitability.”

At AVN facilities located at Minden and Sutton, Nebraska, the company has added an additional 17,500 square feet of warehouse space at each location. “We have also updated and upgraded our equipment, including the addition of new seed treatment equipment at each facility. Seed quality is very, very important. We have excellent seed and outstanding seed treatment products. Our new seed treatment equipment will help us be even more efficient, and more precise. Getting the exact treatment applied for seed size means our customers have seed that is ideally protected. Our employees are safe and our customers have excellence in seed treatment.”

Kenyon says they are pleased to have not only the infrastructure in place, but more importantly, the personnel to help get the jobs done right and on time for our customers. Kenyon said, “Our AgVenture Yield Specialist (AYS) team has grown by three, bringing us to a total of 16. These seed professionals are among the best in the country. They are highly educated on the latest production techniques and committed to working with their customers. As they help put the Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) to work in the field, our AYS team members are helping customers dramatically increase yield, lower cost per bushel and improve overall profitability.”

Not only has AVN grown in facilities. Through solid performance, dedicated in-field support and programs that help customers achieve higher yields and greater profitability, the company’s reach has extended across western Nebraska, northeast Colorado and northwest Kansas.

“We are ready to start this growing season,” said Kenyon, “We’re ready to work with our customers from now throughout the year to help them maximize their profitability on every acre. We are committed to seeing it through, and have the staff and facilities to help make it possible.”

AgVenture, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of independently owned regional seed companies. Based in Kentland, Indiana, AgVenture provides this growing network of independently owned and managed seed business owners with seed products meeting exacting standards for quality, together with leading-edge genetics and technology. Since 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the hybrids it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Combined with professional seed representation at a local level, AgVenture strives to help every grower realize more profit from every field.