Mid-South farmers challenged, inspired: Workshop focuses on growing 150 bushel soybeans

CLARKSDALE, MS/KENTLAND, INDIANA (March 12, 2013) — Mid-South farmers are well equipped to advance their soybean crop productivity and profitability, but getting that job done will require some extra effort. That was the message recently heard by dozens of customers of Dulaney Seed. At meetings held at the Brinkley Convention Center at Brinkley, Arkansas, and at the Delta Conservation Demonstration Center at Greenville, Mississippi, Dulaney Seed customers from across the Mid-South gathered, despite the weather, to focus on high-yield soybean production strategies.

Dulaney Seed owner, Terry Dulaney said, “We want to challenge our customers to raise the bar. Without a goal, you never improve. We know we have the seed, the technology, the science, and the right team to help our customers achieve the goal of growing 150 bushels of soybeans to the acre. It’s important that they have access to both the products and the information that can help them advance their yield goals and improve profitability.”

Wayne Dulaney, AgVenture Agronomy Team Lead said, “Our customers were very enthusiastic as they participated in these meetings. Those who have committed to our Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) program have already seen their yields improve dramatically in corn. At the same time, they have learned how new production techniques, combinations of technology, precision and timing directly contribute to higher yields and greater profitability. We are providing them with access to specific tools, information and professionals to help them do the same for the soybean crop. Through more intensive management, these farmers are getting the most out of the soybean crop’s genetic potential, and breaking barriers.”

Speaking to the group was Paul Bodenstine, (pictured at right) Certified Professional Agronomist and noted high-yield crop consultant from Ashland, Virginia. Bodenstine told the groups, “First you have to make productivity a priority. The prices farmers have received for commodities have continued to decline since 1900. However, growers today have the ability to improve yield far more than the average rates.” He added, “Many growers may think they know about soybeans because they’ve grown them for years, but we have to look at things differently. Physiologically, June 21st is the key date for soybeans because that’s when the days start getting shorter. We have to look at maximizing the potential of that soybean crop by outracing or outlasting that late summertime heat when the quality of life for the soybean declines.”

Wayne Dulaney said, “We are always pleased to see the enthusiasm at these meetings. We are dedicated to our customers’ profitability. We are committed to helping our customers not only set but achieve new yield goals – and we are here to provide them the tools and techniques to make it happen.”

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