AgVenture GroMor, LLC. brings new seed products, professional service to Central Iowa farmers

KENTLAND, INDIANA (September 25, 2013) — A unique, new independent seed company, AgVenture GroMor, LLC, has opened its doors. With a headquarters office and warehouse located west of Ames, Iowa, AgVenture GroMor will provide AgVenture® brand seed products and year-round professional seed support to growers across Central Iowa.

Patty Groepper, Regional Seed Company Owner and GroMor, LLC President said, “AgVenture GroMor is dedicated to our customers’ profitability. We are in business to be the leading agriculture crop solutions company in central Iowa, and the number one company with the farmers we serve. As an independently owned and operated business, we have both the tenacity and flexibility to achieve those goals.”

AgVenture GroMor’s Merlin Bowers serves as Chief Operational and Finance Manager. Bowers added, “This is a unique seed company. AgVenture GroMor strives to improve farmers’ lives by optimizing every acre with customized cropping plans, seed, and technology solutions to improve farm profits.” He added that their commitment to each customer’s profitability is delivered in both products and services. “We provide our customers with leading traits and seed genetics that are specifically selected and adapted to Central Iowa. Our team works with customers to develop and deliver cutting-edge crop planning. They follow through with in-season crop management advice to help maximize profits.”

Bowers explained, “Our process is purposefully a bottom up rather than a top down organization. We are proud to be an independent company with corporate partners as a support group. The value of the AgVenture nationwide network is really important to us. It gives us incomparable access to products that provide exceptional, consistent performance in Central Iowa. It allows us access to constant learning and effective management techniques for our products in the field. Our intention is to not only get to know our customer’s needs, but to help them set and reach new goals for their operation’s profitability.”

The AgVenture GroMor team currently consists of four seed professionals. Sales and Marketing Manager, Royce Rottinghaus says he is proud to lead a dedicated team that provides year-round and year-after-year focus to each customer. “Our AgVenture Yield Specialists are highly prepared and fully engaged in their customers’ success. They don’t give up on the crop. They follow through. They are in the fields and go the distance to assure every step is taken to help our customers achieve greater profitability.”

Key to their ability to deliver on that promise is the Maximum Profit System™ (MPS), an innovative, systems-based program that helps growers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and improve overall farm profitability. Bowers said, “MPS brings together the best and latest converging technologies, including seed genetics and traits. In addition to our strong, carefully selected and locally adapted product lineup, we bring our customers tools, ideas, and a professional support and resource team to aid in the many challenges that farming and Mother Nature bring to agriculture.”

Bowers said, “Farmers across Central Iowa have a huge opportunity to capture more profitability through growing higher yields, supporting their land’s needs, and fine-tuning their production practices. AgVenture GroMor is here to see that through, and make it a reality for our customers.”