Mycotoxin Watch

From AgVenture's Seeds for Success Agronomy Update, September 2013

Crop stress from drought, especially during pollination and ear maturation, may create ideal conditions for development of mycotoxins. Fumonisins, such as Fusarium ear rot appears as a white, pink or salmon colored mold on ears. Infected kernels are tan or brown with white streaks. Aflatoxin infection (Aspergillus flavus) can occur in standing corn, especially with temperatures in the 80-100 degree F range and relative humidity at or above 85 percent.

Look for greenish-yellow to yellowish-brown and felt-like powdery mold growth on or between kernels on the ear, especially on insect damaged kernels or ears. Aflatoxin levels are regulated by the FDA at 20 ppb in food and feed, and 0.5 ppb in milk. Use extreme caution in grain used for animal feed. Crop insurance adjustments may be possible if made before harvesting. See:

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