AgVenture D&M Hosts Seed Leaders

AgVenture D&M hosts Seed Leaders from around the country
KENTLAND, IN (June 19, 2013) – AgVenture D&M, based in Kentland, Indiana, welcomed more than 150 seed industry business owners and leaders from across the country to tour their facilities. The Open House event was part of AgVenture, Inc., National Summer Sales Meeting and 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Mike Davis, Owner and General Manager of AgVenture D&M, has been actively engaged in both entities since inception. Davis said, “Back in 1983, I was one of the four principals involved in formulating this unique business model and incorporating the Regional Seed Company model. As the business grew, it fostered development of up to forty regional seed companies across the country. Our company, AgVenture D&M was one of those entities formed. Today, we’re part of the nation’s largest network of independently owned regional seed companies, and our reach extends from northwest Indiana throughout central Illinois, and from Kentucky through northern Tennessee.”

Other Regional Seed Company owners from as far away as the Delta to the Dakotas and from Maryland to the Rockies participated in the displays and tours of AgVenture D&M. Mike McKillip, owner of AgVenture McKillip Seed at Wabash, Indiana said, “As Regional Seed Company owners, this has been a great opportunity for us to share ideas and expertise. AgVenture D&M is a proficient example of organization and efficient distribution. And it is in support of our mutual goal: helping our customers become more profitable.”

Davis said, “It has been great to welcome colleagues and others from around the country. Today, I’ve emphasized that each of our companies plays a vital and important role in our local communities, in our states and regions. Together, we are all part of a larger, nationwide network, allowing us to share ideas and information. Independently, we are each local business owners who are crucial to our local dynamics in the agriculture industry and in our communities. Our businesses are growing strong as a result.”

Located at the Kentland location is a 50,000 square foot office and storage facility where they conduct extensive testing for the Maximum Profit System™ (MPS). Davis explained, “MPS is an innovative approach to helping growers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and advance profitability. Highly predicated on yield, this intensive cropping management program allows growers to make better decisions, effectively measure progress and improve management practices.”

On-site, AgVenture D&M shared MPS proof of concept demonstrations including techniques on planting speed, depth, fertility applications etc. AgVenture D&M also houses state-of-the-art seed treatment facilities. This allows them the flexibility to select and apply seed treatments specific to the pests of the environment into which the seed is planted. Davis said, “We have a very practical approach that uses the best of science, agronomics, and real-world functionality. By combining our seed products, our professional staff and our practical tools, we bring impact to the field and that impact is in overall profitability.”