AgVenture Scherr’s Seed fortifies the core team

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 21, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed, a Roscoe-based independently owned and operated Regional Seed Company has added two key personnel to their growing seed company. Scherr‘s Seed President, Steve Scherr. “We have seen tremendous growth in our company. It is greatly due to the outstanding seed products we are able to offer our customers, and to our customers’ appreciation for the year-round professional seed support we provide them. Across the Dakotas, our customers are putting these hard-working hybrids and varieties to work in their fields. They are adopting them at a rapid clip.”

“We are a family business,” Scherr said. “It is a great pleasure for me to welcome my son-in-law, Cody Wesch, as ProfiZone™ Specialist and Financial Manager, and my daughter, Sarah Wesch, as Soybean Coordinator. Our family’s presence in this operation emphasizes the way we do business. We are part of the farming community and focused on helping our customers increase their profitability for their families.”

Cody Wesch, a native of Torrington, Wyoming, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in Finance from Presentation College in Aberdeen. As Financial Manager, he will manage the company’s finances and financial procedures. His role as ProfiZone Specialist entails working directly with customers in the intensive cropping management program.

Wesch said, “ProfiZone truly offers our customers a unique approach to achieve higher yields. We bring some new focus to raising high-yielding crops, helping customers make more out of the ground they are farming. We start with the soil and taking better care of that major component in a cropping system. We help them map, test, manage, and adapt to make exciting gains in yield and overall profitability. The system is really catching on across the area and is having a very powerful impact.” He added, “We have an exceptional team of professionals in this company. I’m very proud to be part of AgVenture Scherr’s Seed and part of the family business.”

Sarah Wesch, serving as Soybean Coordinator will manage tracking soybean shipments and product availability, and provide additional organization to daily functions of the business. In addition, she is the company’s ProfiZone™ secretary. She said, “I’m really enjoying this fast-paced, exciting work environment. Everyone here cares about our customers and works hard to get things right. I really enjoy supporting our entire team. We have great people who work here and our products are doing their part to help increase profitability on every customer’s farm.”

Sarah attended Presentation College. She and her husband, Cody, live on a farm outside of Roscoe.