Planting Patience

May 3, 2013 - Submitted by the AgVenture Agronomy Team

With a delay in the planting season in most of our areas, it’s important to keep your patience and stay the course for raising an exceptional corn and soybean crop.  It's all about EAR and POD count regardless of the calendar or " price per bushel".

The number # 1 priority is proper soil conditions.

Regardless of what the weather does, we need to do the right things.

  • Planter speed is critical – be sure to talk with your AYS to ensure you know the proper speed that will result in less unit bounce, more accurate depth control and better plant spacing.
  • Pay attention to fall or early spring applied Nitrogen in your area with high rainfall this spring.  Don't just guess - use the testing tools available and consult with your AYS.
  • We have to meet the corn’s needs at critical stages- V4/5, VT/grain fill.
  • Don't let a few units of needed nitrogen cost you 20 to 30 bushels at harvest.
  • Watch for soil compaction with NH3 application, applying 28% or 32% with chemicals or spring tillage is designed to set up the planter.

Remember, it’s how the crop is planted, not when the crop is planted that matters.