AgVenture Regional Update - Spring 2013

What's happening down south in Mississippi?

April 26, 2013 - Submitted by John Polasini, AgVenture Mid-South's Yield Specialist

What I have learned thus far:

You can't predict the weather

You can't keep hogs from eating corn

Corn keeps pushing 6 weeks under ground

Our stands look pretty good

And we are going to be surprised by this crop.

I am sure most of you have begun seeing the flags in these corn fields. These are NEPS. Net Effective Plant Stands.

I am taking your seed to a plant and placing that plant to a ear count. The practice is not too difficult and I am really excited upon what I am seeing. The crop all seems to be averaging around 28,000 full ears with a few 1/2-3/4 ears which run our numbers up fairly well. I am making some predictions that make me quite happy. The lowest prediction I have taken will net out around 175ish. I have seen some 240ish. On average I think 195-210 is going to be a bench mark on most. Now, that being stated we still have a long way to go but the crop to support these accusations is evident in the field. Time will tell.

Bean planting is striding along and some of you have made the statement of shallower planted beans don't push as strong as some of the joint to joint in a half seed. I have never noticed but I urge you to look. The sandier soils and rainfall have made for shallow bean planting and we are seeing this type of emergence. I will challenge you to take notice as we all have more time to dig. Plant a few days and get a few rains. Ugh.

While planting the beans keep in mind point rows and address them. It will be easier for weed control if we mow our roads straight and not have the jagged ends and point rows. Food for thought. That's all for now as 11:35pm and no supper got this fat man down.

Call if you need me or I'll be there soon!