Planting Perfection - Day 1

April 2, 2013 - by Jeff Shaner, AgVenture Product Team

Day 1 - Planting Perfection

Placing your team in a position to start fast and start together is a key to soybean profitability.  Stand uniformity is your goal on 5 key items:

  • Uniformity of depth:  They used to say if you didn't dribble a few seeds on top of the ground then you were planting too deep.  A stand planted to a singular depth and emerging all at once has your best chance to push productivity to a new level.  Too shallow is more common of a springtime crime than too deep and results in stragglers that get bullied throughout the growing season by their more developed siblings. Plan for 1.5 - 2 inches on most soils.
  • Uniformity of spacing:  Soybeans can better overcome gaps in spacing more so than other crops...but why make them do that??  Slow down and plant at a speed that gives you evenly spaced seed placement.
  • Uniformity of soil temperature:  This also relates back to seed depth. Plant too shallow and soils temps vary from seed to seed depending on how firm the seed bed is at that spot, which can impact individual emergence.
  • Uniformity of soil moisture: "Plant to moisture" was the old mantra. Just like soil temperature, soil moisture is less variable a little further down.  Planting to moisture is now just 1 of the 5 considerations for seed placement decisions.
  • Uniformity of seed-to-soil contact:  Moisture imbibition triggers your seed into action.  Plant too shallow, plant without a firm seed bed, plant in to soils that are too wet and not fit, plant with trash from the previous corn crop stuffed in your seed lose.

Have the equipment and the soil conditions you need to get all seeds hoisting their drinks in unison.

Check back for Day 2 of Planting Perfection!! 



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