AgVenture's ProfiZone Highlighted in Dakota Farmer Magazine

Cover image of January 2013 issue of Dakota FarmerThe January 2013 issue of Dakota Farmer featured ProfiZone, AgVenture’s precision farming and variable-rate crop management service. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article, here’s a recap:

ProfiZone manages input costs by properly placing seed and fertilizer requirements where they are most needed, making the most of resources. The goal is for ProfiZone users to increase the yield average by 20% over baseline increases in their area. AgVenture’s Yield Specialists can take soil samples and create productivity management zones, write prescriptions based on their findings and create test plots, called Learning Blocks. The Learning Blocks allow the farmer to see what works and what doesn’t on each segment of their land. Over time, they have the opportunity to adjust and advance management practices to bring higher yields and more profit per acre. The AgVenture Yield Specialists teach farmers how to best use their equipment alongside the ProfiZone prescriptions. After a ProfiZone consultation, the Yield Specialist remains on-call for any problems, and compiles yield maps and analyzes crop performance.

AgVenture began testing ProfiZone four years ago, and every farmer that started the trial stayed with the program. Steve Scherr, Owner of AgVenture Scherr Seeds in Roscoe, SD, cautions that ProfiZone is a learning program that takes at least two years to look for trends, but will increase growers’ yields and give them return on their investment. Contact your local RSC if you are interested in diving into this exciting new technology.