You Can Be A (Seed Emergence) Hero in 2019

AgVenture soybean emergence

Soybean stand establishment can sometimes be an easy thing, and yet there are always instances where it may take a heroic effort. Spring of 2019 could be looking for some heroes.

A place to start is with seed placement. You have heard the old saying: "plant to moisture". Not good enough. Look to achieve seeding uniformity in these five aspects:

  1. Depth: You need all plants coming out of the ground together, each of them carrying the same yield capacity that is not available to the stragglers who are bullied by their bigger siblings. 
  2. Width: Soybeans have the ability to bush out and overcome spacing inconsistencies, but why purposely make them do that because of rushed or shoddy workmanship?
  3. Soil temperature: When seeds are placed at various levels in the furrow (along with poor soil contact and moisture availability), temperature can vary enough to delay some seedlings from emerging rapidly.
  4. Soil moisture: Same as #3.
  5. Seed-to-soil contact: Same as #3 and #4. Bear in mind that crop residue wedged into the furrow can induce a barrier that prevents #3 and #4 from being in your favor.

You naturally want to plant into fit conditions. Include planting perfection on the five points above and you are out of the starting gates with a chance to outperform the neighbors. 

Protect your investment with high quality seed treatments. If you have never been witness to a soybean treatment research location, the differences you would observe there between a bare bones treatment package and the AgVenture Security™ packages are, at times, astounding. 

Adjust accordingly. Each new growing season is like taking the court/field at an away game. It feels and looks different and you need to be prepared to adjust quickly as the game begins. The germ reading on the bag tag, plus any deviations from your expected planting date, will both be factors in the seeding rate you employ. 

Raising your APH and harvesting yields above the county average takes great care and effort. Your heroes' journey to such an end begins now.