Why Starting with Seed Quality Matters

Seed quality is the foundation of a great crop. With higher seed quality, you get stronger emergence, more uniform stands, more healthy plants, and higher yield potential than you would with lesser quality seed. In the early season, having quality seed means starting the year right and positioning yourself for success.

AgVenture seed quality

“When we talk about seed quality, we’re looking at several different factors that aren’t even on the radar for a lot of our competitors,” says Jim Groepper, Sales Manager for AgVenture® Pinnacle™. “We’ve tested our seed, we know what’s going on in the industry, and we believe our standard of seed quality is the highest.”

So what makes AgVenture’s seed quality superior? Our testing goes well beyond the federally required warm germination or industry standard testing. We conduct additional testing for cold and cold saturated conditions, in extensive local, regional and national testing areas.

“That’s the difference between us and a lot of other companies, frankly. Our product is a much higher quality all-around than what’s be sold in the industry. With AgVenture, one farmer is not going to get lower quality seed while the other gets higher quality seed. The quality in the bag is equally important to every farmer we work with.”

Once the seed’s quality has been established at the corporate level, the unique AgVenture model allows Regional Seed Companies (RSCs) to evaluate the results prior to selecting seed for their local areas. They choose what varieties will benefit their growers most. When the seed comes to your farm, all the potential is already in the bag. With the right planting speed and depth, and the right in-season management, the seed’s yield potential can be achieved.

“Seed quality is a foundational component of a broader system,” Groepper says. “If we have excellent seed quality, and the farmer can plant the seed properly, they’re more likely to have a good stand establishment, and that’s the starting point of the year. If the plants have uniform emergence and good establishment in the early season, it makes it easier to manage the crop the rest of the year and maximize yield potential.”

Seed quality - AgVenture goes above and beyond with seed testing.