Welcoming Enlist E3 Soybeans to the AgVenture Lineup

By Jeff Shaner | Product Technology Manager | Soybean Lead

AgVenture Enlist E3™ soybeans are available in limited quantities for 2019 planting.

Field pests are much like computer hackers.  Whether you are concerned with weeds, insects or diseases, no matter what firewall you employ to thwart them, eventually they will find a way to circumvent it.  They are living things that want to not only survive, but thrive, just like you and me.

While your short-term goals for a particular tract of ground may range from “cover acres fast and move to the next farm” to “harvest early before the 10-day elk hunt trip”, eventually the road to long-term maximum profit includes relieving your crop from the pressures of yield-robbing pests. 

My duties take me mostly behind-the-scenes with breeders, research locations and buying an occasional nice dinner for your local AgVenture Regional Seed Company sales team.  But when I do have the pleasure of making product observations on a customer farm, there is a recurring theme I’ve heard consistently echoed for the past couple decades: “I just cannot control weeds like I used to.”

AgVenture Enlist E3™ soybeans will be available in a full lineup for 2021 planting.

New Enlist E3™ soybeans have now cleared all export approvals and AgVenture is in the process of launching our first products with this exciting new trait package. By planting AgVenture Enlist E3™ products, you can achieve several positive outcomes:

  • Add flexibility to your herbicide options for a particularly stubborn weed infestation, allowing you to make in-season decisions that fit the need of the moment.

  • Gain a measure of peace-of-mind that a misplaced herbicide application (not yours of course, but it happens from time to time) won’t eliminate your crop.

  • The herbicides you use in an E3 system exhibit low volatility and fewer restrictions than other systems.

Our initial release will include a few select products this coming year.  By planting season 2021, your AgVenture Regional Seed Company will have a full lineup of Enlist E3™ soybeans available. 

The AgVenture Product Team studies new and upcoming genetics each year from Michigan to Mississippi, Delaware to Colorado and all points in between.  Having the most beneficial trait package at your disposal is one step.  Knowing the best geographic fit for each set of genetics is also a top priority.  Our role as product managers is much like that of a school guidance counselor.  We evaluate the skill set of new hybrids and varieties and channel them toward a place where they can have a successful career. By “successful” I mean that you, as a customer, have a great experience raising our products.

This has been a time of great transition in the soybean seed industry from a trait perspective.  We will continue to pursue the best new technologies moving forward.  But for the near term future, I think you are going to like the discussions you will be having with your AgVenture Yield Specialist about the advantages of Enlist E3™ soybeans in your cropping system.