Regional Seed Company Spotlight: The Seed Source

The Seed Source has been serving growers in northeast Nebraska for over 15 years, and now in South Dakota. We caught up with owner Lowell Schardt to learn more about what makes his operation unique.

Lowell Schardt - The Seed Source

How did The Seed Source get its start?

I was always interested in doing something on my own, and when the opportunity arose to start a Regional Seed Company, I took it. Our area is mostly corn, soybeans and some alfalfa, two-thirds non-irrigated and one-third irrigated.

What makes The Seed Source different?

We concentrate on selecting, placing and managing seed and follow it up with the service of the Maximum Profit System. Our services include: soil sampling, fertility, and variable rate applications. Our mentality is to keep striving and increasing yields for our customers, and there are a lot of companies that don’t do that anymore. We differentiate ourselves by developing a custom cropping plan for our growers that starts with quality seed. Then we work with the grower to help their seed reach its maximum potential.

What do you focus on with growers?

It starts with the crop plan. We emphasize the importance of starting with quality seed and impeccable planting. So much rides on doing that right. Then we learn what they want to improve in their operation and focus on steadily increasing growth.

What do you love about AgVenture?

Our seed quality is second to none. That’s vital for us, and we select our own varieties and hybrids from the breeding program and determine what performs best in local fields and soil types. Consequently, we have more locally proven hybrids and varieties to offer than a lot of bigger seed companies.

How is your team helping growers?

From a company perspective, we’ve been very fortunate to hire intelligent, young employees with a great work ethic. It all adds to what we can bring to the customer with the Maximum Profit System, and we have a great, well-rounded team in terms of experience and education.

Ag technology, like everything else, is advancing so quickly, it can be a challenge to stay on top of the latest developments. Many of our growers invested in top notch technology when commodity prices were high, so they expect a return on their investment. They appreciate the support from a younger generation that grew up with, and embrace technology. We’re always looking for ways to help growers get the most out of every acre and every technology.

Learn more about AgVenture The Seed Source at or find them on Facebook @theseedsource.