Regional Seed Company Spotlight: Legacy Ag Solutions

Legacy Ag Solutions has been helping farmers in the Washington, IA, area be more productive and profitable since 2005. Owner and agronomist Tyler Rees credits great customer partnerships and his team with the company’s success.

Legacy Ag Solutions aerial view

How do you account for the success Legacy Ag Solutions has achieved over the years?

TYLER REES: Our driving force is that we really want to help farmers do a better job raising crops—be more profitable and productive. While offering the right seed is a big part of that, we offer farmers more. We have a diverse team of experts who have an in-depth understanding of precision ag and agronomy. Of course, they’re very knowledgeable about seed, genetics, traits and practical farming. But they also understand things like soil fertility and how all the agronomic variables work together. Every farm is different. Having the team we have allows us to relate to and address the unique problems and challenges of each farm.

How do you help farmers eliminate yield barriers?

TYLER REES: One way is through our dual approach of proactive and reactive strategies. On the proactive side, we create a solid plan based on our customers’ data and processes. When things change or unpredictable circumstances arise, the reactive strategy kicks in. Our team of agronomy experts makes timely plan corrections based on what’s happening in the field. For example, say you have a nitrogen plan for your corn, but all of a sudden you get a lot of rain, then warm temperatures hit. How much nitrogen did you lose? As a farmer, you need to have a group of people around you that is able to make the best decision on how you invest your money from that point on. There are a lot of companies out there that just focus on the plan but have no reactivity counter measures. They don’t have the ability to go to the field and tissue sample corn in the middle of the season. We have that ability.

Legacy Ag Solutions coverage territory

Why should farmers use Legacy Ag Solutions instead of the seed company down the road?

TYLER REES: There are several reasons. First, we do it all. In addition to selling seed, we also offer soil sampling, consulting, precision ag, hardware, software support and detailed reporting. Second, our diverse team is unlike what you normally see based on depth and range of expertise. We have two AgVenture Yield Specialists who have their degrees in agronomy, as well as experts in precision ag, warehouse management, soil sampling and administration. Inside our group, there is very little, if anything, that we can’t figure out. If we have to go outside Legacy, we have a great network of people we can tap into. Third, we’re big on validating what we do. When it comes to seed placement, we want to prove to ourselves and to our customers that we are doing a good job. We use our precision ag system or input reporting systems to do that. When we tell a customer to make a change, we’re able to track that decision through yields and then decide whether or not the move paid off. A lot of companies can tell you what to do, but they hide from the results. They don’t want to know if they were right or wrong. We’re really different because we want to know—good or bad. People pay for our advice, so we make sure our advice is spot on.

You opened your doors in 2005. What does Legacy Ag Solutions look like today?

TYLER REES: We have two side-by-side warehouses in Washington which contain our office, temperature-controlled corn storage facility and seed treater.

What’s a good day for you at work?

TYLER REES: A good day? It’s when I hear our customers say we’re helping them make a difference. I talked to one of my guys after the Farm Progress Show and he said we’re doing all the right things. He didn’t see one idea at the Show that was better than what we’re doing. It’s the coolest thing to know we’re staying in front of the curve. We don’t want to be on the bleeding edge. We want to be on the leading edge.

Rees family

What are you anticipating in terms of harvest for area farmers?

TYLER REES: We had dry conditions through the summer and then pouring rain late, so farmers who sprayed a fungicide are better off. Yes, their corn might be wetter, but they are having better standability right now. The longer they had green in the leaves, the longer the plant continued to feed the ears. I don’t know what the yield spread will be on what was sprayed versus what wasn’t, but I’ve already seen the difference between the two in terms of plant health. With that said, I think there’ll be high yields for both situations. Also, it looks like anything that received side-dressed nitrogen stands to perform better at harvest. So this is another year where late season management in both nitrogen and fungicide applications will pay off.

How do you think your customers view Legacy Ag Solutions?

TYLER REES: As a company that can bring value to their operations. We are tireless. We’re the ones out there who really care about helping people do a better job. Farmers will always see value in us because we do everything we can for them. We strive to be important to our customers. We work hard learning every aspect of every operation, analyzing all the data, identifying all limiting factors and staying on top of every situation, so that we can give farmers our best input every day. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve contributed to someone’s success.