Prep the Planter

Prep the planter now so it's in top-form for #plant19

It starts with a clean and well-prepared planter. Take advantage of these chilly days of February to make sure your planter’s in top form. Consider these tips:

  • Hook up the planter to a tractor and test functionality of all hydraulic circuits (bulk fill, raise/lower, vac, seed drives, etc.).
  • Clean all chains and apply light oil.  A multi-purpose spray lubricant is desirable as it is less sticky, dries better, and is less of a dirt attractant.
  • Test condition and tension of the seed drive chains at the hydraulic motors and drive chains to the row units.
  • Confirm and make any updates necessary on software as well as settings on baffles, singulator, vac system and bulk fill rate.
  • Carefully inspect tire condition and inflation.
  • Inspect seed discs for proper installation make sure they are programmed into the display.

When planting day arrives, remember that several factors constantly influence planter adjustment and operation. Planting day decisions relate to seeding rate, depth and hybrid planting order. Soil moisture and temperature conditions, surface soil conditions and seed bed status, short-term weather forecasts and variability among seed lots for hybrid vigor, seed quality and seed size.