Soil temperatures Friday March 1, 2019 via AgWeb.

Recent rains have challenged southern growers planting plans. AgVenture reminds growers to be steadfast and wait for ideal planting conditions.

Planting into wet soils will likely inhibit planter performance, diminish precision and greatly reduce conditions for optimal and uniform stand establishment. Planting into wet soils also compounds problems throughout the year. Compaction greatly hinders ideal root development and plant growth. Seed furrow compaction may contribute to reduction moisture imbibition and restrict early seedling root growth.

Consider planting well-drained fields first. Always check the forecast before planting to avoid any sharp dips in temperatures. With a soil thermometer, check to see that a minimum 55ºF soil temperature measured in early morning at planting depth is reached. Corn will not germinate below 50ºF. Check out this resource to find local soil temperatures. 

Talk with your AgVenture Yield Specialist about other tips for establishing ideal stands.