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New Opportunities and Testing

I recently announced a new opportunity with AgVenture that I’m very excited about. We're going to be utilizing our farm a lot more for testing, consulting and yield checks using AgVenture hybrids and management practices. We can afford to do new things because we have a small footprint — with 750 acres, we can handle a lot of testing and fine-tuning to get that true net effect.

We’ve been doing a bit of this already with AgVenture, and I’m excited to expand it. For example, this year, we were testing 32 different AgVenture hybrids in one field and found that the software on our newer (red) combine was limited to no more than 30 hybrids. The AgVenture team spent the time to work through the issue with us and got us back to harvesting. That’s an example of what kind of things we can learn from testing.

Testing is going to be very important for the future of farming operations. It’s not about gross bushels anymore. It’s about net income. The days where you can just dump all the inputs into your crop and hope you get high yields are past us. Now, you need to put on the appropriate inputs at the appropriate time. No more ‘three applications and extra N’. You have to be net effective. On our farm, we’ll explore those thresholds with AgVenture and share the knowledge and research across the network. We’ll help show farmers what it really means to make money and how much they can make off of each acre. If we can make $85, $185 or $285 — whatever the net amount is after everything is paid for — that's what the game should be. 

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