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More Than a Bag Of Seed

The AgVenture Difference Starts with Seed and Ends with Strategy
Successful companies have a clear purpose, or mission, that is fundamental to everything they do in the marketplace. For AgVenture, this means striving to increase profitability and yield on every acre for every grower. We do this by providing locally selected seed, elite seed treatment and the highest seed quality acceptance standards coupled with our Maximum Profit System™ (MPS). More succinctly, AgVenture’s promise is a commitment to your farming operation through our product plus MPS strategy.

LOCAL SELECTION, SEED QUALITY, SEED TREATMENTS and the MAXIMUM PROFIT SYSTEM aren’t new promises or catchy marketing terms. They embody the AgVenture brand, which is different from others in the industry. As the industry changes and evolves, we stand firm in our commitment to these key pillars. We offer
more than a product and we deliver more than lip service. Our promise extends well beyond the AgVenture, Inc. corporate office to each RSC and the growers we serve.


Our seed products are carefully chosen by each Regional Seed Companies (RSC), not allocated from the corporate office. We look at seed products over multiple years and across growing environments. Our RSCs analyze the products in the field with us and study compiled data to determine which products are best suited for their growers, locally. This provides growers with products that are positioned for maximum yield potential on every acre.

We test our seed well beyond the standard warm germination test that is federally required. We know that environmental factors can influence seedlings, so we conduct cold and cold saturated tests for planting flexibility. Additionally, we conduct germination tests, studying normal, abnormal and dead seed, which allows us to accurately predict plant vigor and field emergence. Based on test results, each local RSC has the ultimate say in whether the seed is accepted into their warehouses. This culminates in greater grower assurance of uniform emergence and stands, healthier plants and enhanced yield potential at harvest.

Whether corn or soybeans, AgVenture offers the ultimate in seed protection through our proprietary Security™ Seed Treatment system. We offer a unique combination of fungicides, nematicides, insecticides and biologicals to protect seed across varying growing environments and conditions. Our Security Seed Treatment system assures early seedling development and strength for better stands, more healthy plants and greater yield potential on the farm. AgVenture is about more than selling a bag of seed that is locally selected, exceeds industry seed quality tests and features the ultimate in seed protection. We are committed to working as true partners with our growers across the AgVenture network.

MPS is a series of best practices that, if implemented, can help growers earn greater profit by increasing production while lowering the per bushel cost. Achieving top results starts with a mindset change: believing that higher yields are possible. Once that belief is instilled, growers work with an AgVenture Yield Specialist (AYS) to develop cropping plans for their operation. A cropping plan is a prescriptive approach to selecting, placing and managing seed to reach its maximum potential. A
well-thought-out plan positions growers for success. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t rely on current pricing, grain marketing or even the “hottest” hybrids. AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System is strategic in nature and considers long-term, not short-term, solutions.

Product plus MPS is what makes AgVenture different.

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