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Mike Davis of AgVenture D&M Indiana Crop Improvement Association’s Highest Honor

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KENTLAND, INDIANA (February 15, 2016) — Mike Davis, owner and founder of AgVenture D&M based at Kentland, Indiana has received the Indiana Crop Improvement Association’s (ICIA) highest honor – the ICIA Crop and Soils Merit Award. At the Cornbelt Seed Conference in Indianapolis February 4th, 2016, Davis was recognized before more than 290 attendees for his many years of strong support to the organization and to the seed industry.

For forty years, Davis has been actively engaged in the seed business. He is a co-founder of AgVenture, Inc., the nation’s largest network of independent seed companies. He is the founder of AgVenture D&M, a company that has grown to serve customers throughout northwest Indiana, central Illinois and western Kentucky with access to locally adapted, high quality seed and seed products, and year-round professional seed support.

Davis served as President of ICIA in 2011. Through the years, he has provided leadership within the organization through service on committees and the board. At the meeting, ICIA president, Mitch Snyder said, “Mike’s vision, perspectives and support have helped the organization and the industry continue to grow, evolve and effectively anticipate the many changing needs of seed customers. We are very proud of his service and commitment to the seed industry, and his generous support to his colleagues.”

Davis said, “Over the years, I’ve been involved in many civic service roles. The integrity and commitment of the ICIA, and the professionalism of the board is second to none. Working with this group of dedicated seed professionals, I have had the benefit of being exposed to a much broader view of our industry. We work selflessly together for the good of our customers. ICIA provides invaluable resources to improve the quality and efficiency of our business. It’s a great forum for what we do in our business, who we work with, how we can continue to improve.”

ICIA provides seed industry professionals with resources through their work with Purdue University and the Indiana State Chemist. Davis added, “These relationships are strong and directly benefit the work we can accomplish, not as competitors, but as professionals working together to improve the science and business of the seed we deliver to our customers. It’s important for our customers to know they are dealing with people who are dedicated to making the seed industry fair, well-run and productive on their behalf.”

ICIA is dedicated to improving productivity, profitability and the competitive position of ICIA members by providing services to producers, conditioners and distributors of plant products -- enabling them to provide high quality plant products to Indiana, the US, and the world.

AgVenture, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of independently owned regional seed companies. Based in Kentland, Indiana, AgVenture provides this growing network of independently owned and managed seed business owners with seed products meeting exacting standards for quality, together with leading-edge genetics and technology. Since 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the hybrids and varieties it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Combined with professional seed representation at a local level, AgVenture strives to help every grower realize more profit from every field.

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