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Meinschein Seed Service brings AgVenture® seed products to the region’s crop producers


MOUNT VERNON, INDIANA (July 31, 2017) — Meinschein Seed Service, an independently owned and operated Regional Seed Company has opened its doors. The business, operated by brothers Corey and Jake Meinschein, will provide the region’s farmers with AgVenture® brand seed products and year-round professional seed support. The office and warehouse are located at 7320 Darnell School Road, Mount Vernon, Indiana.

The Mount Vernon brothers, Corey and Jake Meinschein have purchased the business from Leo Zimmer who provided farmers across southwest Indiana and southeastern Illinois with AgVenture seed and service since 2001. As Zimmer’s customers, planting AgVenture hybrids and varieties, the Meinschein brothers say they can attest to the performance of the high-quality seed products specifically selected for local growing conditions and production practices. 

AgVenture, Inc. Business Development Manager, Chuck Schneider said, “The Meinscheins bring a unique perspective to the business. As farmers themselves, Corey and Jake are acutely attuned to the seed products and production practices that work in this region. Their experience in planting AgVenture products, their understanding of pedigrees, and knowledge of the fellow producers in the area make them a great resource for those interested in improving profitability across the farm. Their understanding of the products in action truly has an advantage for their customers for the future.”

Corey Meinschein said, “We have a deep respect for AgVenture seed. AgVenture provides exceptional products that really respond in our fields, and under the growing environments across southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.” He added, “AgVenture takes a proactive approach to helping customers. First, with the seed, they start by specifically selecting hybrids and varieties uniquely suited to just this area. Their seed quality standards surpass industry standards and really make a difference in the spring. The cutting-edge seed treatment options and year-round professional support make high yields and greater profitability a reality.”

Corey Meinschein will lead the sales and service aspects of the business. Jake will be primarily responsible for distribution. Corey said, “We farm together. We work well together. As Meinschein Seed Service, we look forward to providing customers throughout the region with the seed and service we’ve found to consistently contribute to our bottom line. We look forward to being a trusted resource for our customers.”