Manage Waterhemp Proactively

Waterhemp has begun rapidly establishing itself as soil temperatures rise. Many growers have already applied a pre-emerge herbicide. But continued vigilance is required, incorporating many modes of action and cultural practices. Waterhemp has been noted to be resistant to six modes of action. Target applications to treat waterhemp at 3-6” tall.

Consider the following:

Tank Mixes:

  • PPO group 14 herbicides can improve broadleaf control if applied properly.
  • Minimum of 15 GPA.
  • Addition of NIS at 1 qt/100 gallons has been shown to improve consistency of control.

Spray Pressure:

  • Use spray pressure that will assure optimum coverage while minimizing off-target movement.

Full Labeled Rates:

  • Improves consistency of control

Talk with your AgVenture Yield Specialist for more management techniques.