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Johnson Family Sales establishes new seed dealership through AgVenture Pinnacle – Ames

Johnson Family

AMES, IOWA (July 21, 2017) — Boone and Story County area farmers have a new resource for premium quality AgVenture® brand seed products and year-round professional seed services and support. Johnson Family Sales is the newest seed dealership in the region. Headed by Evan Johnson, the seed dealership is located at 1862 200th St. in Boone, Iowa.

Johnson graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Ag Business. He grew up farming in the Boone County area alongside his uncle, Jeff Johnson, and grandfather, Bob Johnson. They continue to work together and raise beef cows. 

Evan said, “Farming has been a big part of my life and family for many years. Starting this dealership is very important to me. It allows me to continue to grow our family traditions while having a supportive role in helping others in our community use AgVenture seed products. The products, combined with the year-round professional seed support, help our customers improve profitability on every acre. Delivering a means to their improved profitability is my goal.”

AgVenture Yield Specialist, Brennan Manfull of AgVenture Pinnacle – Ames said, “The addition of Johnson Family Sales provides our customers in Boone and Story counties with ready access to AgVenture’s locally adapted, top quality seed products, as well as fertilizer and crop protection products. Evan and I have known one another for several years. He has energy, sincerity, and passion for agriculture and for serving our customers. Working together, we’ll be well-equipped to help our customers implement the Maximum Profit System™ (MPS).”

Manfull explained that MPS, a systems-based approach to dramatically increasing yields, lowering cost per bushel and improving overall profitability, helps growers across the region improve yields and have higher net returns on the farm. “MPS is a comprehensive approach to helping growers farm smarter. We focus on the cutting-edge tools and techniques that go along with raising a crop, implementing the agronomic and economic decisions that help our customers maximize profitability. With the help of the entire AgVenture Pinnacle – Ames team, working directly with customers throughout the year, we can help our customers achieve those goals consistently.”