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Intensive training readies AgVenture affiliates to deliver Maximum Profit System™ strategies to customer

JOHNSTON, IOWA (July 20, 2016) – "Higher yields and greater profitability start with a mindset," said Jeff Jackson, General Manager of Agrithm, LLC., Byron Illinois. "Our customers deserve the very best seed, professional support, and tools available to make those goals a reality. We take our role in that equation very seriously. Our continuing education workshops prepare us to deliver the support necessary to maximize profitably on every acre."

Jackson was one of nearly 40 AgVenture Regional Seed Company representatives from across the Midwest who recently convened in Moline, Illinois for the Summer Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) Workshop. During the two-day intensive training event, participants engaged in structured learning programs, and heard from industry-leading experts in agronomy, and professional seed sales and service.

AgVenture's MPS is an integrated approach to helping customers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel, raise average production history (APH), and improve overall profitability. It helps customers maximize profitability through careful execution of management tactics at each phase of crop planning, growth and development.

Jackson continued, "MPS is an approach that actually starts in the fall and allows forward progress toward achieving higher yields throughout the calendar year. We work one-on-one with and for our customers; from the time we meet with them at harvest to consider the tillage and residue management used to prepare for next year's crop. We support their specific selection of locally adapted, high-performing seed/trait combinations, and guide them toward impeccable planting standards. Once the crop is up, we are there working with them in the field to support their crop nutrient plans, their pest and disease management decisions, etc. At each step, we work to make a real and positive difference for our customers. Those committed to the program have yields that prove it."

Trevor Jaco, of Mayberry Seed Co., Essex, Missouri also participated in the event. He added, "Dramatic increases in yields come from a dramatic shift away from farming the same old way, and a renewed, long-term focus on yield and profitability. That's what MPS is all about. The more prepared, knowledgeable and equipped we can be to assure that happens for our customers, the better off they are. That's what this is all about."

Participants focused on professional sales training with Rod Osthus, President of the R.C. Thomas Company, the nation's top seed sales training and consulting firm. In-season agronomy management strategies were presented by Jerry Hartsock, Cutting Edge Consulting and Research Services, of Geneseo, Illinois. AgVenture, Inc. personnel provided in-depth product and technology updates along with strategies for success.

AgVenture, Inc. is the nation's largest network of independently owned regional seed companies. AgVenture provides this growing network of Regional Seed Companies with seed products meeting exacting standards for quality, together with leading-edge genetics and technology. Since 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the hybrids and varieties it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Combined with professional seed representation at a local level, AgVenture strives to help every grower realize more profit from every field.

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