Important Seed Treatment Considerations

Give your seed every opportunity to succeed with the ultimate elite treatment packages, providing the highest level of disease, insect and pathogen control.

Last fall’s wet harvest conditions exposed the soybean seed crop to two key diseases. Phomopsis seed decay (diaporthe longicolla) attacks soybean seeds that are shriveled or have a cracked seed coat, often appearing as a chalky white covering on the seed. Purple seed stain (cercosporin kokihi) shows up as purple staining on the seed. Left unchecked, these diseases have the potential to significantly reduce germination rates. AgVenture reminds growers that the use of seed treatments will protect the soybean seedling from further degradation.

Corn seedlings are also vulnerable to seedling diseases when planted into moist, cool environmental conditions. Pathogens including Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia cause root rots which prevent optimal germination and stand establishment. Fungicide seed treatments and planting into soil temperatures of 50º F or higher greatly help reduce root rots from developing.

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