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Developing A Crop Plan For Next Year’s Success

A crop plan is a farm’s business plan. It’s a roadmap with field-by-field decisions that will drive your future. At AgVenture, we pride ourselves on developing in-depth crop plans with our growers, and we utilize those plans every step of the growing season. The crop plan isn’t something you develop around harvest and let collect dust in a few months. It should be used at every decision point in every season as a guide for increasing yields and lowering cost-per-bushel.

There are three key questions to consider as you begin your crop plan.

1. Where do you want to take your yields in the next 3-5 years?
2. What is your plan to get there?
3. What is keeping you from getting there?

Your AgVenture Yield Specialist will ride combine with you and help start the conversation. Harvest is the ideal time to evaluate your chemical programs and any current management practices you have in place. Your AYS will help you determine what worked and what didn’t — and we’re not afraid to make recommendations that will put you ahead of the grower down the road. 

Learn more from Chuck Schneider, Regional Business Development Manager with AgVenture, Inc., as he provides some great tips on developing your crop plan.

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