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Berns Sales carries on a family legacy

Brock Berns

HAMPTON, IOWA (July 10, 2017) — Continuing his grandfather’s legacy as Allamakee County’s AgVenture seed dealer, Brock Berns has established Berns Sales, a dealership through AgVenture Pinnacle – Hampton. Located five miles east of Waukon at 1133 Burke Hollow Drive, Berns will build on the business started by his grandfather, Verdine Berns, who served customers across northeast Iowa for more than a dozen years. Building on the family tradition, Brock will provide area farmers with AgVenture® corn, soybean and alfalfa seed products, and access to year-round professional seed support.

AgVenture Yield Specialist with AgVenture Pinnacle - Hampton, Dale Fagner said, “It is a real honor to work with Brock. He is energetic and a quick learner, with many of the same personal and business characteristics of his grandfather. We’re proud of his vision to continue to build on Verdine’s legacy.”

Fagner said Verdine Berns passed away last spring. He fondly acknowledged all that Verdine Berns had done for area farmers. “For more than a decade, I worked very closely with Verdine. He was a second father to me. Through his dealership, he offered our customers integrity and kindness in every transaction. He embraced what we are all about at AgVenture Pinnacle – Hampton. To have the opportunity to work with Brock, and to help him grow is very inspiring. He is well prepared and truly focused on serving his customers.”

Brock Berns said, “I am very lucky to have worked with my grandpa and to have learned so much from him. I’m excited to offer our customers AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System™, an intensive, year-round program focused on dramatically increasing yields, lowering cost per bushel and improving overall profitability. We all know there’s no silver bullet in farming. But I truly believe AgVenture’s top-quality, locally adapted seed products specifically selected for each farm’s growing environment, along with the latest production management tools and techniques, go a long way toward effectively improving profitability. I’m confident we have a great solution to help our customers advance both their yields and profitability.”

Berns will complete his final semester at Northeast Iowa Community College this fall. In January, he will continue his education majoring in Agronomy at Iowa State University. He is currently enrolled in AgVenture’s Intern Development Program, learning the tenets of AgVenture, and focusing on agronomy and leadership skills.