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AgVenture Winter Profit Plot meeting series zeroes in on seed quality

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KENTLAND, IN (March 15, 2016) – AgVenture Regional Seed Companies from across the country recently participated in a series of Winter Profit Plot meetings focused on seed quality. Winter Profit Plot workshops were held in Southaven, Mississippi, Stockwell, Indiana and Omaha, Nebraska and involved more than 100 RSC and AgVenture Yield Specialist participants.

AgVenture seed professionals learned more about the intensive level of germination testing their seed undergoes. According to AgVenture Production Manager, Bill Hoben, many seed companies conduct seed germination tests simply to prove a certain level of seeds will germinate under cold stress. However, he explained, “We have a commitment to go well beyond standard pass/fail criteria in seed germination. AgVenture seed is put through a series of four separate germination tests. We test seed in a cold test, two warm germination test and a saturation cold test. We want to meet or exceed industry standards in each of those environments. In addition, across the country, many of or RSCs conduct plot tests to prove viability under local environments.”

“The reason we go the extra mile in germination testing is that every seed has the potential to contribute to our customers’ yields and profitability. We want to assure they have the best options available to them for their growing environment.”

Hoben explained that they evaluate the physiological characteristics the seed displays under each test scenario. Further close analysis helps better understand each seedling’s response to the many challenging growing environments experienced in the field. He added, “By fully understanding the physiological responses each kernel has under stress, we are better prepared to support our customers.”

Participants also heard from Indiana Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) leaders Alan Galbreth and Joe DeFord. For over 100 years, ICIA has been a leader in seed certification, seed quality testing, genetic testing and research. Additional presentations included insights specific to planting season preparation with Jerry Hartsock of Cutting Edge Consulting, Geneseo, Illinois and other AgVenture, Inc. staff.

Hoben concluded, “There are many factors involved in germination, but getting the maximum net effective plant stand is the bottom line. Providing seed that not only meets, but exceeds industry standards helps set AgVenture apart.”

AgVenture, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of independently owned regional seed companies. Based in Kentland, Indiana, AgVenture provides this growing network of independently owned and managed seed business owners with seed products meeting exacting standards for quality, together with leading-edge genetics and technology. Since 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the hybrids it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Combined with professional seed representation at a local level, AgVenture strives to help every grower realize more profit from every field.

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