The AgVenture Business Model Supports Growth for RSCs and Farmers

Twenty seventeen was a big year in an era of mergers and buyouts in the agriculture sector. That’s the year Corteva Agriscience™—a new powerhouse in agriculture—was announced. Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont™, combines the strengths of Dow and DuPont seed, traits and crop protection portfolios. It’s the only major agriscience company in the world completely dedicated to agriculture, assuring that AgVenture seed, seed treatments and expertise will always be at the leading edge of the industry.

As a Corteva Agriscience brand, AgVenture’s opportunities are boundless. Corteva Agriscience and its highly productive innovation engine will enable AgVenture to bring a broader suite of products to the market faster and deliver greater innovation to farmers, helping them increase their productivity and profitability. As part of Corteva Agriscience, AgVenture will be fed by the company’s leading research and development program and the full capabilities of the company, including integrated operations, platform and strategic planning, commercial effectiveness, and in-licensing and collaborations, as well as functional support. AgVenture is stronger than ever and in a better position to give its farmers more choices based on seed preferences and local growing conditions.

Corteva Agriscience is forging a new multi-channel seed strategy for the U.S., expanding access to the company’s genetics, technology and traits across various agriculture distribution channels. As part of this go-to-market seed strategy, Corteva Agriscience is empowering its brands to pursue their individual routes to market—routes that have proved highly effective in the past. This arrangement allows AgVenture to continue operating within its highly successful business model with the added benefit of greater access to genetics and traits from the leading agricultural company in the world.

AgVenture’s highly successful business model has driven the company’s success since its inception in 1983. As the nation’s largest network of independent Regional Seed Companies (RSCs), AgVenture occupies a unique position in the industry. This network serves farmers through the proprietary Maximum Profit System (MPS)—a proven system of high-quality seed and year-round agronomic support that includes management strategy, cropping plan, and the latest agronomic insight and intelligence.

The heart of AgVenture’s MPS is dedication to farmer success at the local level, right down to individual fields. The company accesses Corteva Agriscience’s leading-edge genetics and traits to build its portfolio of the highest performing seed and then AgVenture RSCs choose the hybrids and varieties that have the greatest yield potential for the growing conditions on the fields in their territories.

Local selection is just part of the AgVenture success story. RSCs put the seed through rigorous testing, not in remote fields, but in areas where AgVenture customers farm. AgVenture is known for its stringent testing protocol, which goes above and beyond industry requirements. While the only federally required test is for warm germination, AgVenture RSCs perform additional tests to ensure their customers receive seed with the highest yield potential.

Farmers can trust that AgVenture seed—backed by the latest innovations—has the greatest potential to deliver more bushels per acre. Because of AgVenture’s association with Corteva Agriscience, the company offers more products that are truly designed around individual buying preferences and conditions. Couple this robust portfolio with MPS and there’s no end to what AgVenture RSCs and AgVenture farmers can accomplish together.

Our Business Model Provides Exponential Value to Farmers



High-quality, locally selected AgVenture seed and elite seed treatments give farmers the tools they need to maximize yield potential. With our proven system of support—from the world’s leading genetics to year-round agronomic expertise—the future promises to be strong, profi table and productive for every AgVenture farmer. Today’s farmers aren’t just farmers, that’s why they need a partner that’s not just a seed company.

Regional Seed Companies (RSCs)

Regional Seed Companies (RSCs)

Selling seed is not a one-and-done proposition at AgVenture. Our RSCs serve as trusted partners to farmers, providing agronomic expertise and insight to help them maximize yield. This year-round endeavor involves a dynamic approach designed to increase outputs on every acre. No other seed company can match AgVenture’s combination of locally selected products, superior seed
quality and ongoing support.

AgVenture, Inc. There are always more bushels to produce.


Everything we do supports our network of independent RSCs. We give them the seed and resources they need to help farmers achieve greater productivity and profi tability. We access traits and genetics from the world’s leading suppliers. However, unlike other seed companies, we give RSCs the ultimate choice in selecting seed that provides the greatest yield potential for local growing conditions. In addition, the quality standards we set for our seed are unmatched in the industry. At AgVenture we believe there are always more bushels to produce.

Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience™, Agricultural Division of DowDuPont

Corteva Agriscience provides a global presence with diverse resources as the only global company completely dedicated to agriculture. Corteva Agriscience applies an open-source philosophy toward innovation. Combined with world-class research and development capabilities, ideas are transformed into reality with groundbreaking and sustainable agricultural solutions.