Our Difference Makes a Difference for You

AgVenture is different. We know it starts with seed featuring the highest-yielding trait/hybrid combinations to deliver maximum yield. But it also takes agronomic knowledge and sound crop management practices. We deliver it all—that’s the AgVenture difference. With a combination of proven genetics, quality and treatments, local agronomic knowledge, unparalleled service and Maximum Profit System™ (MPS), we can help you improve your bottom line. That’s the better-farming difference.

Locally Selected Seed, Just Right for Your Fields

All of our seed products are carefully chosen by Regional Seed Companies (RSCs)—not allocated from a corporate office. AgVenture RSCs analyze multiple years of national, regional and local testing data before making their product decisions. This locally driven advancement process positions you for maximum yield potential on your farm.

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The Highest Seed Quality Standards, Unmatched in the Industry

Our testing goes well beyond the federally required warm germination or industry standard testing. The unique AgVenture model allows our Regional Seed Companies (RSCs) to evaluate the results of our comprehensive seed quality testing prior to selecting their seed. AgVenture seed quality standards and testing help our RSCs deliver your seed with a greater potential for uniform emergence and stands, more healthy plants and enhanced yield potential on your farm.

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Security™ Seed Protection System—the Ultimate in Protection

Through a unique combination of fungicides, nematicides, insecticides and biologicals, the Security seed protection system is built to protect your seed investment in a wide variety of growing environments and conditions, providing planting flexibility and uniform stand establishment that is second to none. This system helps to ensure early seedling development and strength that results in better stands, more healthy plants and enhanced yield potential on your farm.

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Increasing Yield Potential While Lowering per Bushel Costs Maximizes Profits

Your local AgVenture Yield Specialist (AYS) will work with you to develop and implement The Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) on your farm. The foundation is the development of a custom cropping plan. From there, our strategy includes planning, planting and in-season management consultation to drive decisions throughout the growing season, working to maximize yield potential and profitability on every acre.

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